Stem cell therapy to cure Erectile Dysfunction


At Blue Cell Therapeutics, our mission is to revolutionize the treatment of erectile dysfunction applying Blue Cell therapy, for men with post-(radical) prostatectomy. We are committed to develop an ‘over the counter’ curative allogenic stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction with enhanced safety, efficiency, and accessibility. Our cutting-edge research translates fundamental science into practical, life-changing treatments, bridging the gap between scientific discovery and clinical application. Blue Cell Therapeutics aims to establish the golden standard treatment for erectile dysfunction using innovative stem cell therapy.  

"The Blue Cells will provide the first curative treatment for erectile dysfunction on the market. The Blue Cells will be available as an 'over the counter', convenient and safe allogenic stem cell therapy product."


Discovering the Power of Blue Cells: Our Journey to Revolutionize Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction and Beyond

In preclinical research led by Søren P. Sheikh, the promising potential of adipose derived stem cells has been demonstrated in rat models for erectile dysfunction (Quaade ML. 2022 Int. J. Mol. Sci.). Therefore, Søren P. Sheikh embarked on a mission to bring stem cell treatment to patients with erectile dysfunction. A disease with a high prevalence and an unmet therapeutic need. 

In 2016, the Danish Medicines Agency approved a phase 1 clinical trial using autologous adipose derived stem cells to treat erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer surgery. The men included in the study had no erectile function and did not respond to drugs like Viagra.

The results were promising, with 72% of the men regaining erectile function and the ability to engage in sexual intercourse 6 months after the treatment (Haahr, M et al. EBioMedicine 2016,5:204; 1-year follow-up: Haahr, M et al. Urology 2018)   

The autologous adipose derived stem cells used in the clinical study required liposuction and an on-site isolation of autologous adipose derived stem cells. This limits the availability of the treatment. Thus, Søren P. Sheikh decided to develop standardized methods to isolate and culture the stem cells while maintaining or even enhancing the biological effects. He founded Blue Cell Therapeutics and gathered a team around him to make an ‘over the counter’ curative allogenic stem cell therapy product as curative treatment of erectile dysfunction now known as the Blue Cell Therapy.  

Funding and Collaborations

Blue Cell Therapeutics has secured IP for the Blue Cell Therapy. Since the spin out from the University of Southern Denmark, we have received funding from the Danish Innovation Fund and the Eurostars program, with Novozymes as a partner in both projects.